Top Global Risks In 2024

What are the top global risks in 2024, according to the world economic survey of 1,490 leaders?

As Darren Winters points out, you would think wars on every continent, disruption to shipping lanes in WW3, and contamination of Europe’s fertile farmlands with depleted uranium shells in Ukraine leading to food insecurity would make it to at least the top five of the top global risks in 2024. Nope. 

What about the staggering 34 trillion dollars in the US public deficit and the eye-watering one trillion dollars of interest rate payments to service those debts and the rolling over of those debts at ever-increasing interest rates?

Surely, the unsustainable debt bubble, which is leading to an imbalance of supply and demand for treasuries triggered the worst bear market in history, bankrupted five banks and threatened the blowoff of the collateral chains of the entire western banking system.

The public debt didn’t even make the top ten list of top global concerns in 2024.

It seems the top hats see nothing to worry about here, despite rising unemployment, worsening public debts and most likely persistent high inflation driven by a war economy disruptions to supplies.   

Extreme weather top global risk in 2024 for world leaders

Top Global Risks In 2024

Extreme weather events are a big blip on the radar of the non-tin foil hat version of global risks in 2024. 

A staggering 66% of world leaders surveyed are fretting over severe weather this year.   

Top hats have misinformation and disinformation as the second-biggest risk, with 53% believing that AI-generated fake news could undermine global elections scheduled across the US, Russia, India, Mexico, and dozens of other countries.

Third on the list of top risks in 2024 is societal and political polarization with 46% of top hats fretting over social cohesion.

The cost of living crisis has 42% of world leaders worried, which features fourth on the top risk in 2024.

Cyber attacks come next, with 39% concerned about digital disruptions.

A recession made it sixth on the top risks in 2024 with 33% worried about an economic downturn

Disruption of supply chains for critical goods and resources and escalation of outbreak armed conflict both share 25% of world leaders’ top risks in 2024. 

An accidental or intentional nuclear event, 12% of world leaders saw this as a top risk in 2024.

Civil strikes and violent riots, 11% of world leaders see it as a top risk this year.

Less than 10% of top leaders see a housing bubble, the tech bubble burst, or a financial crash this year. 

The tech and housing bubble burst featured the lowest of the top risks in 2024 of world leaders.

So, as Darren Winters points out, world leaders think that the top risk in 2024 could be caused by Mother Nature taking a dump. 

Short insurance companies? 

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