New world order investing

Could COVID-19 usher in a new world order investing and a reset of the system? 

Perhaps the clue is in the name of the virus which supposedly occurred in the nineteenth of the month. But could there be more to the number 19 denoted in the virus name than meets the eye? The Illuminati, Latin root is illuminationem which means “throw into light” is a secret sect of people claiming to possess special enlightenment, they are commonly referred to as “the elite” and they are obsessed with numerology, the occult significance of numbers. The secretive Bilderberg group, meet annually are the Illuminati. 

If you believe in numerology then 19 denoted in the virus name is a clue that a systemic crisis could be in play, which if so would lead to new world order investing in a brave new world

New World Order Investing

So what does number 19 mean in numerology? 

Number 19 represents completion in numerology. This number is made up of numbers 1 and 9. 

Number 1 signifies a beginning and 9 signifies an end, which makes number 19 a message that indicates humanity is set for the next stage in life. In other words, the occult meaning of COVID-19 the number 19 is that it signifies the end of a phase and the beginning of another. Put simply, it could mean a new world order investing in a brave new world.

The acronym FANG for technology stocks could lead the way in this new world order investing where the digitalization of everything will ensure that the human livestock remains plugged into the matrix and constantly monitored at all times

The human livestock will only be allowed to wander outside the farm gates for essentials, no contact with other humans will be allowed outside their cages for that would lead to the very meaning of being human, it could lead to dissidence and threaten the new world order. So the fear of death will keep the herd apart, the farm animals will only briefly wander out for their basics, willingly climb back into their cages and plug themselves back into the matrix keeping them in a zombie state of mind.

Investing in the brave new world will mean investing in everything that caters to human needs but it will mostly be a digital world

Human needs for interaction and socializing will go completely digital. Facebook and Whatsapp will connect people in the digital world, with the watchful eye of the big surveillance state keeping a 24 hour 7 days for signs of disobedience.

The farm animals will be forced to buy everything online via Amazon, no small shops will be permitted for human interaction must be maintained to a minimum so that a zombie state of mind prevents the herd from questioning their incarceration.

Apple will provide the herd with access to the matrix, Netflix, home entertainment will delude the herd into thinking they are free and Pornhub will cater for adult fetishes. All human needs and fantasies will be provided digitally as the herd is duped into believing they are free, but everywhere they will be in chains.

New world order investing could also mean large net capital flows in the surveillance state which will be masquerading as ‘smart’ grid, ‘smart transport’, 5G, data centers and a series of new ‘major projects’. New world order investing is going to be radically different.

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