Europe has started to implement COVID-19 restrictions, and in some instances, it includes draconian measures such as lockdowns.

As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, people are spending more time indoors. Crowded and poorly ventilated spaces with little or no natural sunlight enable the Delta variant to rip through Europe like wildfire. 

“According to a reliable projection, if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a million COVID-19 deaths in Europe and Central Asia by the first of February next year – and 43 countries in our Region will face high to extreme stress on hospital beds at some point through the same period,” said WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge.

Here comes another wave of lockdowns and curfews, as predicted


Austria being the first to impose a lockdown with non-essential shops closed and the public only allowed to leave their homes for a limited number of reasons like going to work.

In the Netherlands – Bars, restaurants, and shops have been ordered to close early until at least December 4, and fans are banned from all sporting events until then.

In Germany and France, infection rates are growing exponentially, and new restrictive measures, which include lockdowns, could be imminent.

Moreover, in Northern Ireland, the government is advising people to work from home, if possible, to control the spread of the mutated virus.

As Darren Winters points out, Europe, the most vaccinated continent in the world, with more than 60% of its population vaccinated, so-called herd immunity attained through vaccinations, is on the cusp of another massive wave of infections and rising deaths. What happens to the promise of getting back to normal as soon as we are all vaccinated?

Meanwhile, Africa the least vaccinated continent in the world is dodging the shot, pardon the pun, and has avoided the COVID lockdowns disaster, which is mystifying scientists.

Could it be that Africa has more sunlight, bearing in mind that the virus dies very quickly when exposed to UV light in sunlight? 

But then why has Australia, also basking in sunlight, experienced some of the worse lockdowns? 

Darren Winters believes that the critical mass tipping point has now been reached as European protests against viruses heat up. There is a growing public perception that more vaccinations equal more deaths. Meanwhile, the state continues to peddle the narrative that more vaccinations are the route to defeating the virus, freedom from lockdowns. Both sides are now in a fight for their life with the security forces caught in the middle. Police in the Netherlands opened fire on Covid lockdown protesters in Rotterdam. We are now in a danger zone with a legitimization crisis leading to a revolution likely if neither side backdown. In the most extreme case, after a lot of blood shedding, this could end in a coup d’état with the army considering removing the government.

Successful revolutions have been able to exploit the already existing gap between the Generals who tend to be fiercely patriotic, loyal and their political masters hungry for power, wealth and more easily corrupted. These personality types often clash, you rarely see Generals and politicians seeing eye to eye. 

The revolution scenario is an extreme one so let’s assume that people go for a type of peaceful slavery rather than dangerous freedom and they accept lockdowns, home incarceration, in exchange for more free government handouts

Think about it. How many people are willing to take to wintery European streets and bang with their pots and pans while they get clobbered with batons, tasered, water cannoned, and even shot at when they can go home and watch Netflix.

There is even lockdown free Pornhub, another psychological weapon deployed on the population to suppress dissidence.

Darren Winters believes more lockdowns are coming

The western political and economic system that we know is under a controlled demolition.

The first stage to rebuilding a system begins with demolishing the existing one. So, lockdowns are being used as a wrecking ball.

The build-back better mantra of the Economic Forum means that democratic, free-market capitalism is being demolished, and replaced with State Capitalism.

In a few words, we believe the globalist elites want the Chinese model to go global.

We are currently in the demolition phase, and further lockdowns could wipe out small businesses, the ones that do not pay much taxes and that don’t sit within the green ideological agenda of sustainability.

Lockdown by design will accelerate the brick-and-mortar meltdown

Moreover, lockdowns could be enforced to prevent mass homelessness while the economy is being deliberately dismantled.

Commercial and retail tenants will be exempt from paying rent due to lockdowns. So, we believe there could be a wave of loan defaults from private and commercial landlords. The central banks will then take over the private banks who become the largest landowners, thereby completely collectivization 2.0.

The economy never recovered from the Great Recession of 2008, and it has been central banks emergency monetary policy which has prevented a financial and economic collapse. So, the system was on the verge of collapsing. If the ruling globalist elites did nothing, we would see human misery. History shows us how it ends. Democracies elect the demagogue on a white horse promising, a way out, and when hope turns to despair, anger is deflected, and nations go to war.

Is a system with a war cycle worth saving in the age of nuclear weapons?

After the lockdowns, the old system of democratic, free-market capitalism will cease to exist, and a State Capitalist model run by technocrats, like the Chinese model, is what we believe comes next

The Chinese model is going global. 

How do you invest during lockdowns?

Stay-at-home stocks, FANGS will all do well. Crude oil energy will get whacked.

BEACH Stocks could also get hit hard.

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