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After teaching at one of his investment training events, Darren Winters is often asked “What are the best investment news sites”?

Below is a list of useful news sites which could help you make better-informed investment/trading decisions.

The Regulatory News Service (RNS) provided by the London Stock Exchange is an excellent and reliable source of news information for traders, furthermore, it is free.

For investment news sites giving reliable information RNS is the go-to place. RNS is frequently used by reliable news providers such as the FT and Reuters.

RNS is the leading specialist provider of regulatory disclosure distribution services to UK listed and Aim companies. For companies, RNS is a one shop stop for them to fulfill their regulatory obligations and communicate with global investors and for the investor RNS is the authority for reliable and accurate corporate news.

Find the best investment news sitesApproximately, 250,000 announcements are published by RNS per year, according to their website. Additionally, over 70% of all regulatory and potentially price-sensitive UK Company announcements, Approaching 250,000 announcements are processed by RNS each year, with over 70% of all regulatory and potentially price-sensitive UK company announcements, emanating from leading FTSE companies, originate from RNS.

Regarding macroeconomic data, the following sites are recommended; For the UK; The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is a reliable source of macroeconomic data. For the US; Macroeconomic data the most reliable source is the Federal Reserve Bank website;

Eurostat provides Official EU statistical data for member countries of the European Union.

The daily FX calendar provides investors traders with the date and time of the key economic events for the week ahead. The available links will direct you directly to the data source.

Insider dealings (directors dealings) could also be a useful gauge, particularly when it’s combined with technical analysis. Additionally, this information is publicly available for free. The website; provides daily updates of insider dealings.

“We keep you connected with insider buying and selling alerts directly to your mobile, device,” claims the founder of the website and it prides itself of giving you the data without having to spend hours trying to find it.

Moreover, reconciling your trading decision with technical analysis, is likely to sharpen your trading decisions and enhance your trading performance. Darren Winters investment home study course covers in-depth technical analysis and more for traders of all levels.

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