Identitarian Movement

Could the rise of the identitarian movement in Europe dissolve Europe’s political and economic trading bloc, the European Union (EU) and destabilize the single bloc currency the Euro?

The EU is experiencing an economic slow down at a particularly sensitive time, the monetary levers are overworked.

Since, the financial crisis of 2008, the ECB has injected an incomprehensible $3 trillion (3,000,000,000,000,000,000) on its asset purchase program.

Identitarian Movement

Moreover, ECB interest rates are near a record low, there is even chatter of negative rates as ECB slashed its forecast for growth in the eurozone in 2019 to 1.1%. It was previously projecting growth of 1.7%.

So perhaps what we could be witnessing is the capitulation of monetary policy as a means to stimulate the economy.

What could come next is the politics of survivalism, the rise of the identitarian movement, bearing in mind that the ECB’s monetary revolver is empty with spent rounds in its chamber

The European identitarian movement has its roots with masses of young indigenous Europeans disenfranchised by globalism, the Fourth Revolution and simultaneously swamped by multiculturalism. The blowback of illegitimate wars in Africa and the middle east has resulted in a wave of refugees and undocumented immigration into Europe. But the modern economy requires less human input.

When the economy cools down competition for necessities heats up and that provides a hotbed for the identitarian movement

Put simply, the European identitarian movement is the fight back of European Christian white identity, it is a cultural war and I believe its roots are in the politics of survivalism.

The naked ape is instinctively a tribal animal in a crisis. But tribalism often leads to conflict.

Identitarian movement in Europe, what the mainstream would call as populism is different in that the political movement is being propelled by European youth, hipsters, millennials

So the identitarian movement, (new nationalism) is no longer about angry white middle-aged males educated to leaving school level promoting nationalism.

Identitarian movement in Europe is young and sexy, albeit working on it.

So while some Intelligence Agencies have the Identitarian movement on their radar as a potential threat to the status quo, investors and traders could be oblivious to the threat.

The identitarian movement while still, a fringe movement is the inverse of globalism

European identitarian movement advocate parliamentary sovereignty, that a nation’s parliament should decide on hot topics such as how its taxes are spent and decide its own immigration policy.

But those ideals are in conflict with the EU Superstate where such matters are decided by technocrats in Brussels.

The identitarian movement in Europe if it were to go mainstream could threaten the very existence of the EU, the euro and The European troika investments, it could be that very black swan risk that nobody is talking about.

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