Darren Winters Charity Projects

For a long time now, Darren Winters charity projects have seen him giving his time and money to varies initiatives. He gets involved with causes he believes will really make a positive difference in the world. Some of his recent charity projects…

Darren Winters Charity Projects – Children’s Wealth Day

Darren Winters - Childrens Wealth DayBuilt from the ground up. this is one of Darren’s own charity projects. Having kids of his own, Darren knows just how important it is that children get a good understanding of wealth management, receiving training in skills that will propel them through life (something that is rarely taught through mainstream schooling).

“I teach this course for free because I want to make sure that this knowledge is available to children whatever their background or their family’s current financial situation. If I can help the next generation to become wealthy and inspire them to use some of that wealth to help others then I feel this training can really make a positive difference.” – Darren Winters

The children’s Wealth Day Events are 100% free to attend and a way for Darren to help kids realise how to use his training to build their own wealth and success. He helps children understand how to develop a plan for financial freedom and have the ability to choose their own path in life.

Darren Winters Charity Projects – Charity Live Trading Day

Darren Winters Charity Live Trading DayA forex and stock market live trading day that Darren teaches, where he gives 100% of the money from tickets sales to attend the event to charity.