Best trading tips

Here is a concise list of the best trading tips for trading currency pairs.

At the top of the list of best trading tips for currency trading, including stocks and commodities is know in advance the main market sensitive events which are likely to move the asset price, at least one week in advance.

Dailyfx calendar provides the next seven days events which are listed in terms of Importance, what the market expects and the actual figure. Download the Dailyfx Calendar for free.

Darren Winters points out that making a trading plan should also share top spot with know your market on the list of the best trading tips

Best trading tips

Then diligently follow the plan even if it means accepting losses. Your plan should outline your profit goals and your risk tolerance. Every trade entered should fall within the parameters of your plan. Making a trading plan before you enter a trade means that you will be less inclined to trade on emotions, which is a sure way to make losses. The trading plan will help you trade rationally rather than irrationally. 

Put your trading plan to the test with a demo account is third on the list of best trading tips

Best to trade with brokers registered with an official body. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the regulator for the Forex Brokers in the UK.

FCA offers a facility where you can check online if your broker is authorized. 

Your capital is more at risk from mistreatment and fraud if you decide to trade with an unregulated broker. 

Determine trading opportunities is also high on the list of best trading tips

Some traders are guided by news, financial and political data. But others rely more on technical analysis tools such as Fibonacci retracements and other indicators to forecast market movements. The Investment Home Study Course from Darren Winters discusses using technical and fundamental analysis and how to make a trading plan.

Know what your limits are is also high on the list of best trading tips

Understand the risks and how much capital you are prepared to lose on each trade. Set your leverage ratio with never risking more than you can afford. 

Avoiding trading when you are having the blues or overly happy should also be on the list of best trading tips

Avoid revenge trading, which is when you have a losing trade and you decide to go all-in against your trading plan to try and make it up. This usually doesn’t end well and you can find yourself with two crippling losses. Better to make it up, little by little. 

Find a good mentor is also high on the list of best trading tips

Don’t be afraid to seek help, talk to other successful traders. Trading is a competitive activity that requires you to keep learning and evolving your trading plan.

So in summing up the list of best trading tips for successful trading I would say avoid trading with emotions, fear, and greed, instead, have in place a trading plan.

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