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More than 400,000 people have now chosen Darren for their forex and stock market training, with 1000’s of graduate success stories and happy clients then referring friends, family, co-workers and even their cab driver on the way home from a course! BUT…

…because he runs the number 1 investment training company in the UK and Europe, he is an easy target for journalists and his competition. His main competition actually paid someone full time to pretend to be various different people, posting bad reviews online. Darren considers those kind of tactics very unethical but sadly some people still do it.

This site is here to show you what customers really think of Darren Winters investment training courses, including 100’s of original feedback forms.

Darren Winters trading course, “Forex and Stock Market Training Masterclass” encompasses everything you need to learn to trade…

Darren Winters Course:

The first stock market trading course in the UK that gave people a whole new way to learn to trade. Many have since tried to copy, steal or if both of those approaches fail then simply attempt to put down Darren’s trading course.

Darren Winters Forex:

When someone says they want to learn to trade, Forex is usually high on their list. Forex is one of Darren’s focuses on the 2 Day Masterclass. With his clear cut trading strategies and years of teaching experience, Darren Winters forex course can open a whole new world of profitable trading for you.

Darren Winters Net Worth:

Darren has accumulated a comfortable Net Worth that has also fuelled the jealousy & rumours about his training. The funny thing is that if you are willing to see the doubters for what they are and come on one of Darren’s courses to learn to trade, you will realise it can send you on the same path to financial freedom as Darren traveled.

Those looking for a reason to question Darren course will also target his various companies, hoping to create a story for the media. The truth about Darren Winters is that, what he teaches genuinely gives a wealth of knowledge and the ability to succeed with your own trading.

Wealth Training Company:

Analysing the Wealth Training Company reviews from over the years shows that almost 97% of attendees rate Darren Winters and the services of his Wealth Training Company as Excellent to Outstanding, with many comments about how great the events really are.

WIN Investing:

Founded back in year 2000, WIN Investing was a pioneer in helping the general public understand how to trade the stock market. The investment courses are based on Darren Winters no jargon, crystal clear speaking style and unstuffy approach to investing.

Attend a Wealth Training Company or WIN Investing course to see what makes them a market leader in the UK for stock market training. Darren Winters is the most approachable and attended speaker on investing, with his companies having successfully trained more people to invest than any other stock market training company in the UK.

Darren Winters Reviews

Darren Winters ReviewsRead 100’s of original feedback forms below, to hear Darren Winters reviews…

Darren’s 2 Day Forex and Stock Market Masterclass uses a unique and clear structure, building up your learning in simple modules and with a logical sequence of steps that anyone can use to become a successful investor.

Proven strategies are taught in an approachable and simple manner that makes them easy to grasp. This special blend of Darren’s forward thinking and open teaching style has resulted in literally 1000’s of positive Darren Winters reviews, with people actively referring friends, family, colleagues and even their taxi driver on the way back from a course!

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Darren Winters Success Stories

Since starting his investment training courses in the year 2000, there have been 1000’s of Darren Winters success stories. Here is just a sample of the numerous success stories after people have attended his 2 day investment training course…

Simon Ball - Darren Winters Review“Darren Winters course has truly changed my financial destiny and that of my family. This month I have made £48,000 from trading” Mr S Ball, Gloucestershire – Darren Winters Reviews

Idit Gold - Darren Winters Review“I started investing £1,000 and within 10 months I have made £1,500 profit.” Ms Idit Gold – Darren Winters Reviews

Amir Mahdavi - Darren Winters Review“I applied the strategies that I learnt on Darren Winters course and turned £6,000 into £12,500 over a 10 month period” Mr A Mahdavi – Darren Winters Reviews

S Mckinley - Darren Winters Review“I started with £3000. By the end of the month I turned this into just over £3620, a gain of over 20%.” Mr S McKinley – Darren Winters Reviews

Ajay Gudka - Darren Winters Review“Using what I learnt on the course I turned £1,000 into £3,000 within 12 months” Mr A Gudka – Darren Winters Reviews

John Sandell - Darren Winters Review“John Sandell – Darren Winters ReviewsI manage both mine and my wife’s Stocks and Shares ISA. Since doing Darren Winters course I’ve achieved my target of 20% profit per year for 3 years” Mr J Sandell – Darren Winters Reviews

Robert Dewar - Darren Winters Review“I was stuttering along buying shares through a well known tip sheet. But since the course I have built up £5,000 to over £15,000.” Mr R Dewar – Darren Winters Reviews

If anyone is looking for proof of Darren Winters Success Stories then the above is only the beginning of what can be achieved after attending one of his 2 day Forex and Stock Market Training Courses!

Investment Training Course Awards

Multi Award Winning Investment Training Course

Darren Winters Investment Training AwardsSince it’s launch back in the year 2000, Darren Winters Forex and Stock Market Investment Training Course has consistently won many awards and is regularly rated one of the top investment training courses in the UK.

This year is no exception, his investment training course winning the prestigious London Investor Show award for Best Financial Training Provider.

97% of people who attend Darren Winters Investment Training Course give it a rating rate of excellent to outstanding.

Click here to read some of the 1000’s customer reviews of Darren’s Forex & Stock Market Training Course

Darren Winters Charity Projects

For a long time now, Darren Winters charity projects have seen him giving his time and money to varies initiatives. He gets involved with causes he believes will really make a positive difference in the world. Some of his recent charity projects…

Darren Winters Charity Projects – Children’s Wealth Day

Darren Winters - Childrens Wealth DayBuilt from the ground up. this is one of Darren’s own charity projects. Having kids of his own, Darren knows just how important it is that children get a good understanding of wealth management, receiving training in skills that will propel them through life (something that is rarely taught through mainstream schooling).

“I teach this course for free because I want to make sure that this knowledge is available to children whatever their background or their family’s current financial situation. If I can help the next generation to become wealthy and inspire them to use some of that wealth to help others then I feel this training can really make a positive difference.” – Darren Winters

The children’s Wealth Day Events are 100% free to attend and a way for Darren to help kids realise how to use his training to build their own wealth and success. He helps children understand how to develop a plan for financial freedom and have the ability to choose their own path in life.

Darren Winters Charity Projects – Charity Live Trading Day

Darren Winters Charity Live Trading DayA forex and stock market live trading day that Darren teaches, where he gives 100% of the money from tickets sales to attend the event to charity.